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Your third and final video is here. Discover emotional touch points 11-12, which will allow you to effortlessly add more new patients to your practice and save countless others from exiting early.  Adjusting Attitudes doesn’t only educate, it transforms!

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  • Adjusting Attitudes is a scientific-based turnkey communication system that addresses the emotional journey, educates your patients and is extremely easy and efficient to run with any system. You can get set up in minutes.
  • Adjusting Attitudes is NOT those cheap, low production and generic videos that you can find on YouTube, not it all. It is also not a system to make you work more to get more new patients you’ll lose down the road.
  • It is a 40 video-based curriculum approach that your patients receive by email. You enter the patient’s email on the first visit, set the frequency you want them to receive the videos, and watch your practice grow. A reporting section will let you know which patients are keeping up and which patients are behind.
  • A one time simple customization allows your clinic brand, colors and logo to be visible in the emails your patients receive. They can then share the written video summary with your clinic name with their friends and family members on social media, creating a unique referral source for your practice.
  • THE ONLY retention tool based on Emotional Mapping and data from 1400 PATIENT INTERVIEWS

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The Full Curriculum

1. Welcome: Introduction and information on Adjusting Attitudes and how it will serve them on their journey to health.

2. Consult/Exam: An explanation on what happens during this visit and the role it plays in their care.

3. Report of Findings: A brief overview of what is discussed during the report and what to expect during the chiropractic journey.

4. Foundational Principles of Chiropractic: An animated discussion on the foundational principles of chiropractic.

5. Anatomy: An illustrated lesson on pertinent anatomy such as spine and nervous system.

6. Subluxation: An explanation and well-animated demonstration of the subluxation complex.

7. Causes of Subluxations: An overview of physical, chemical and emotional stresses and their roles in subluxation and nerve interference.

8. Patient Profile.

9. The Adjustment: Various techniques are explained thoroughly.

10. Fallacies About Chiropractic: This allows patients to remove fears and barriers from their minds so that they can focus on their health and chiropractic.

11. Safety and Efficacy of Chiropractic Care: A key video that touches on recent research, allowing your patients to feel safe and secure with choosing chiropractic.

12. Your Chiropractor's Education: This video builds credibility and re-assures the patient that their chiropractor has the knowledge to help them.

13. Chiropractic History: This video takes people back to the roots of chiropractic, giving them an appreciation for what chiropractic has gone through in order to be what it is today.

14. Chiropractic and Pain Relief: This video discusses the role chiropractic plays in achieving better health and how it is much more than just pain relief.

15. Patient Profile.

16. Feeling versus Function: An engaging video aimed at clarifying the difference between feeling and function and their individual roles.

17. The Genetic Theory: An animated breakdown of the genetic theory and how our lifestyle is more important than our genome.

18. Early Detection Versus Prevention: A detailed and to-the-point discussion about these subjects and how confusing them could lead to health crises.

19. Drugs: In order to shift their paradigm, patients need to know the role that drugs play and how they should not be synonymous with health or wellness care.

20. The Germ Theory: This video educates the patient about the importance of being healthy and having a properly functioning nervous system that allows our body to adapt to its environment.

21. Patient Profile.

22. Health: Clarification is made using stunning visuals as to the definition of health and how chiropractic is congruent with the true definition of health.

23. Born to be Healthy: We were not born to be sick; health is achievable and is our responsibility.

24. Lack of Function: A thought provoking video on the effects of dysfunction and how it is a better indicator of health than how we feel.

25. Our Bodies Know Best: A discussion on following our body’s signs and signals and trusting its responses to our environment without intervening with drugs and surgery.

26. Hiking Analogy: A descriptive analogy to explain the effects of stress on our health and our nervous system, causing nerve interference and a decrease in our health potential.

27. Patient Profile.

28. G.A.P. Theory: A crucial video that links stress to our health potential and life expression. This allows patients to realize that they are responsible for their own health rather than being victims of circumstance.

29. Telling Your Story: This video invites patients to join our mission and vision of worldwide chiropractic awareness by telling their stories.

30. The Chiropractic Lifestyle: A beautifully orchestrated video that pre-frames wellness care and allows patients to know and understand what is in it for them.

31. The Autonomic Nervous System: This video doesn’t only allow your patient’s to think outside the box, it gets rid of the box completely. They will see chiropractic through a different set of eyes.

32. Children and Families: This video points out the importance of taking care of the whole family and why everyone should be checked for subluxations.

33. 6 Pillars of Health 1: A visual presentation on the benefits of hydration, sleep and nutrition that will encourage your patients to take action.

34. 6 Pillars of Health 2: Exercise, stress management and a healthy nervous system complete the package when it comes to wellness. Your patients will feel optimistic, knowing that they control their own destinies.

35. Patient Profile.

36. Health Insurance: This video is crucial if you are to continue to see your patients beyond their health

coverage. The information allows the patient to understand the purpose of their insurance and the value of investing in their health.

37. Relapse: One of the most important videos; patients will discover why healing takes time and the true reasons why setbacks happen and what they really mean.

38. Progress Report: Everyone likes to know how they are doing and the value that they are getting in return for their time and money. Patients will learn what to expect and to understand how their body is progressing and why.

39. Patient Profile.

40. Closing Remarks: A short summary of the concepts covered throughout the videos allows patients to put it all together. In their eyes, you will have gone the extra mile in guiding them to abundant health.

fade-leftfade-rightHere’s What This Program Will Do For You

  • Increased new patient conversions to over 85%
  • Increased wellness conversions to over 90%
  • Increased referrals: 2-5 new patients per month
  • Increased PVA to 80
  • Lower overhead by 10-15%
  • It works with any internal/external office procedures and techniques
  • Based on proven technology called Emotional Mapping
  • 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee
  • Takes literally 5 minutes to set up


A Few Common Questions

  • q-iconWill my patients remain engaged?

    Yes. Many hours have been spent designing animations and capturing footage that brings these videos to life. Every concept introduced in these videos is accompanied by a visual demonstration that allows the patient to fully appreciate and understand what they have learned. Video testimonials of patients have been added throughout the series in order to engage and foster belief that optimal health is not merely a dream but a possibility with chiropractic care.

  • q-iconDo I need to show all 40 videos?

    No. Adjusting Attitudes is fully customizeable. You can omit videos from the series as well as alter their sequence. For example, existing patients may not need to see the videos explaining the new patient exam and report of findings. If you do not see children in your office, you could omit the video on pediatric care. Adjusting Attitudes was designed to represent your vision and allow your office and patients to grow like never before.

  • q-iconCan I include my branding colours and logo?

    Absolutely. When setting up a new patient with Adjusting Attitudes, you will be able to select the colors of your brand by choosing the specific color codes associated with it. These are the codes that all designers use when creating a brand and communicating with printers. You will also be able to include your logo so that every email is personalized and represents your brand and clinic.

  • q-iconHow will I keep track of where patients are with the videos?

    Simply. The reporting section of Adjusting Attitudes allows you or your CA to see which videos have been viewed. Watching a particular video gives the patient the ability to view the next one in the series when it is sent to them. The report will clearly indicate how many videos have been sent to a particular patient and how many of those have been viewed. This gives you the ability to maintain contact with patients and troubleshoot any issues they may have. This report allows you to keep your patients accountable and on top of their education.

Lifetime Full Access Membership $797.00 USD

Adjusting Attitudes Retention System (Lifetime Full Access Membership) + 10 Awesome Free Bonuses

Get Started Now

The reason I am so excited about Adjusting Attitudes is because I know the extent this program is effective and the powerful impact it has on a practice. I want to help every chiropractor better leverage themselves by giving them a tool that helps them keep their patients and actually works. This is why I have made this program a financial no-brainer and also offering CRAZY amounts of bonuses for a limited period of time. Now, it is up to you to take action and jump on board with this revolutionary program. Imagine if over 90% of your new patients converted to wellness care...

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" I have known Dr Clayton Roach for a number of years and consider him a good friend . I have been practicing chiropractic for close to 20 years and have attended numerous seminars . There are key topics/concepts in chiropractic that have stood the test of time and many of these concepts are what make us different than other health care professions . I feel that with the Adjusting Attitudes curriculum, each and every important concept has been covered in a clear and concise manner. Dr. Roach has a way to present the information honestly and from the heart. Everyone should see these videos! Love the content! "
Dr. François LeBlanc, D.C.
“I’ve been searching for years for the ultimate education and retention tool for my patients.  I tried the 12 pamphlet handout  system…but we couldn't stay consistent.  We tried the t.v. monitors, but this was incongruent for patients on different schedules.  I knew it had to be electronic, easy to implement and totally automated.  When Dr. Roach showed me his new “Adjusting Attitudes” , I immediately knew this was the system to revolutionize the Chiropractic industry.  I implemented it into my practice and got raving reviews from my patients.  A continuous drip education to help my patients get the big idea, refer others and stay on lifetime wellness care.  Thank-you Dr. Clayton for taking the time and energy to produce such an award winning game changer!”
Dr. Mike Reid – Chiropractic Masters International


"From working with thousands of chiropractors over the years, I can tell you that the busiest practices in the world have several things in common. One of those elements is that they've mastered the science of emotional mapping. Dr Roach simplifies this process so the average doctor can implement the protocols with ease while dramatically increasing patient retention. It's an intelligent way of communication that can grow any practice."
Dr. Matthew Loop, D.C.


The Benefits of Our Program

  • Automatic and customized email system delivering high-end video content to your patients
  • Only retention system based on new technology called Emotional Mapping
  • Bullet proof and reproducible patient education system allowing you to have amazing retention
  • Make you the most recognized chiropractor in your town or area… no contest!
  • Allow you to finally have more freedom and flexibility to do what you love anytime
  • Get you measurable and DRAMATIC increases in your retention numbers
  • Give you the ultimate UNFAIR competitive advantage locally
  • Finally provide you with proven patient education strategy. This is what separates those with a PVA of 15 always searching for new patients from those with a PVA of 80+ with an abundance of wellness care patients.
  • Only system in the profession base on the data of over 1400 patient inerviews
  • Gives you leverage and allows you to maintain a successful practice without having to run for new patients all the time while you could be enjoying time with your family

Here’s what to do next…

I’ve decided that EVERY chiropractor who wants to find a reliable, practice growth system for converting more wellness patients and adding thousands of dollars in revenue each month (while leveraging EMOTIONAL MAPPING TECHNOLOGY to educate and influence your patients to say yes to wellness care) MUST HAVE this information.

Click one of the big, yellow Get Started Now buttons below and receive your implementation material right away so you can get started immediately. This will be one of the best decisions you ever made for your practice, I guarantee it.

Lifetime Full Access Membership $797.00 USD

Adjusting Attitudes Retention System (Lifetime Full Access Membership) + 10 Awesome Free Bonuses

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